Alaska Aerial Media

Aerial Survey

Since the introduction of unmanned systems, accuracy and reliability have always been the deterring factor, until now. Unmanned systems with onboard RTK flying from a known position can report accuracies of 3 cm horizontal and 5 cm vertical. Higher accuracy can be obtained by tying into survey laid GCP’s. With our knowledge and experience operating throughout Alaska, we bring cost effective solutions to your remote projects. From volumetric analysis to multispectral imaging, we fly a large array of sensors and platforms.




Data Processing

We take your data seriously. Once the initial image acquisition has been completed, we process a quality report onsite to confirm adequate coverage of the area of interest. Once data has been processed and tied into control, we are able to certify and stamp our results. For clients in Alaska, this also allows for local support on last minute acquisition or support. You can also choose to make your data available via our Archive service which will allow access 24/7 for your data.




With a wide array of sensors comes a wide array of unmanned systems. We have over 15 years of experience in unmanned aircraft and specialty sensors. We carry multispectral, radiometric, Hi-resolution RGB, and LiDAR through our growing fleet of aircraft. With weather causing constant delays for manned aviation, unmanned systems stand out. From operating in -56°F in the Arctic to constant rain in Southeast or heavy winds in the Aleutians, our experience with Alaskan weather prepares us for maintaining systems and operating successfully in some of the harshest places on the planet.


Alaska Aerial Media is Alaska’s first and largest unmanned aerial survey company. Operating since 2013, all of our operators hold a private pilots license, as well as the recently issued Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Operating under our Section 333 exemption, Alaska Aerial Media is the only company authorized to fly in a variety of airspace classifications via our FAA Certificate of Authorizations. We are also State of Alaska AELS compliant which requires us to have a Professional Land Surveyor on staff.   Partnering with industry leading companies is how Alaska Aerial Media offers the most accurate data at affordable costs. Aaron Mason from ML&P said “With Alaska Aerial Media’s use of aerial mapping systems, we saved almost 500 man hours”. This is a great example of how unmanned systems can lower operational costs for your survey projects.