Alaska Aerial Media


Since the introduction of unmanned systems accuracy and reliability have always been the deterring factor, until now. Unmanned systems in addition to surveyed ground control points can produce accuracies of 3 cm horizontal and 5 cm vertical. With our knowledge and experience operating throughout Alaska, we bring cost effective solutions to your remote projects.




All of our operators hold a private pilots license, as well as the recently issued Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. We take great pride in being one of the least restricted drone companies in Alaska. Due to our extensive time and energy investment into applying for and receiving of controlled airspace authorizations we are able to fly in many areas and airspaces most others are not.  We are also one of the very few drone based companies compliant with State of Alaska Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyor statutes and regulations. These regulations require any entity utilizing unmanned systems for survey purposes to have a licensed surveyor registered with the company. We work closely with the State of Alaska to ensure unmanned systems and all associated deliverables are met with enforcement and compliance from all industry members.



With a wide array of sensors comes a wide array of unmanned systems. We have over 15 years of experience in unmanned aircraft and specialty sensors. We utilize multispectral, radiometric, hi-resolution RGB, and LiDAR sensors to deliver the most beneficial type of data for our projects objectives. As extreme weather is a cause for constant delays to manned aviation acquisitions, unmanned systems stand out. Whether we’re flying in -56°F in the Arctic, constant rain in the Southeast or heavy winds in the Aleutians, our experience with Alaskan weather prepares us for maintaining systems and operating successfully in some of the harshest places on the planet.

Data Processing

We take your data seriously. Once the initial image acquisition has been completed, we process a quality report onsite to confirm adequate coverage of the area of interest. Once data has been processed and tied into control, we are able to certify and deliver our results. We work with and utilize a number of software solutions to seamlessly integrate deliverables into existing project workflows.