Alaska Aerial Media

Who We Are

Born out of passion for technology and desire to solve problems in unique ways, Alaska Aerial Media is Alaska’s premier aerial imaging company. The Alaska Aerial Media team has years of experience in unmanned flight operations. We provide a wide range of cutting edge platforms and sensors to produce a variety of  final products. By combining our tools and expertise we are able to elevate the value of every project we are a part of to new heights.

What We Do

When you boil it down, Alaska Aerial Media is a data acquisition and analyzation company; drones are our tool of choice. It’s no secret we got our start in this industry focusing on cinematography (hence the name). We do still provide services to that sector but have refocused the company on two main uses; Survey / Mapping and Infrastructure Inspection. We see these two industries being highly benefitted by drones currently and well into the future and look forward to growing and developing our capabilities within these areas.

Let's Work

If you have a project that you think we could assist with, feel free to contact us. We love making our clients dreams a reality and are always open to new opportunities + projects.

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