Alaska Aerial Media

Survey & Mapping

We’re really excited about the possibilities and progression we have experienced in the aerial survey and mapping industry. Combining the latest advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with innovative uses of imaging equipment and software, we can provide a wide range of mapping & aerial services with survey grade precision and reliability.

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In Alaska’s harsh climate what we’ve known to be the ideal tools aren’t always the most practical. We provide gimbal stabilized platforms with a wide range of sensors for different inspection purposes. With the use of high resolution traditional and thermal imagery, we can easily examine and document vertical and horizontal infrastructure. Drone-based inspections not only provide high quality and repeatable data but do so while reducing risk and improving safety.

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We pride ourselves on the flexibility and capabilities of our cinematography related gear and experience. We have a wide selection of equipment to handle many different styles or budgets of productions. While what we specialize in is aerial video production we offer many different tools such as camera stabilization packages to bring your production to the next level.


As with most new technology, education plays a vital role in ensuring the most efficient use and the safest of practices. Our customizable training programs and curriculum cover all aspects needed to safely and correctly pilot a UAV system for personal or commercial use.

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