Alaska Aerial Media


Alaska Aerial Media is a team of experienced Remote Pilots and Inspection Engineers that can carry out your industrial inspections. Remote Pilot experience and operational professionalism ensures safe onshore, offshore and confined space inspections. The mission of Alaska Aerial Media to improve safety and reduce risk across industries through technological innovation. Alaska Aerial has used industry-leading operational expertise and experience to develop technology solutions and workflows that allow clients to effectively harness the power of drone driven data collection and analysis .


Our combination of qualified and experienced inspection engineers, land surveyors, remote pilots and specially designed Arctic technology is truly unique. We provide the information you need to make operationally critical decisions whilst minimising disruption and ensuring the highest levels of health and safety. UAS Safety can be deter many job site risks including reduction or elimination of working at height, maintain stand-off distance from operating asset and reducing the the use of manned helicopters.


Alaska Aerial enables clients to perform safe and cost effective drone inspections of a variety of vertical infrastructures, including but not limited to the following industries: Oil and Gas; Renewables; Utilities; Telecoms; and Bridges.


Founded in 2014 by experienced pilots, engineers and telecom specialists. Alaska Aerial conducts close visual and thermal inspections of high, live or difficult to access structures at onshore and offshore oil and gas installations, active power generation facilities, horizontal infrastructure.We’ve helped clients adopt drone inspections throughout Alaska and have saved them millions by optimizing their inspection and maintenance regimes. In Oil and Gas, Renewables, Utilities, Telecoms, Bridges and Construction, the application of drones is vast and continues to grow to new use cases every day.